Motor Terpanjang Di Dunia, Bisa Muat 16 Orang

Ini dia biang keroknya. Motor terpanjang di dunia ini di buat oleh orang rusia bernama Oleg Rogov dengan panjang 9 meters,57 cm. Motor ini bisa mengangkut 16 orang. Recor ini sudah tercatat di Guiness books of records sebagai motor terpanjang didunia, Namun bisa dibayangkan, jika ada 16 bikers bertubuh besar berboncengan di motor ini, betapa susahnya untuk mengendalikan jalannya motor..

It has been to our attention that the longest bike in the world, officialy registered by Guiness record book is from Russia.

It’s creator Oleg “Leshij” Rogov was from Tver city, a small town near Moscow city. He was a big biker fan since his childhood. One day he has got an idea to build the longest bike in the world, according to his own story “probably after he got too much beer inside”.

So after two years of planning and delaying he did it. He built the bike that was 31 feet 4 inches long (9 metres 57 cm). After the thing was ready he sent his claim to theGuiness book and got registered as longest bike in the world.

The saddest part of the story is that he got into accident and died this summer, still we have the photos of his creation, it would be some kind of tribute to him.


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